Mammoth Lakes Basin Fish Report- Update by Nate Wray 8-25-09

Mammoth Lakes - (Mono County)

by The Trout Fitter Staff
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Water Conditions:

Water temps are in the mid 50's to low 60's near the surface but get cooler as you go deeper.
The water is quite clear in all lakes.

Fishing conditions and Hatches: Good

Hatches: small midges early/late, Callibaetis in late mornings on the Twins.

The Lakes Basin is fishing about average for August. Overall reports have George and Mamie fishing the best. The most successful method is still stripping with a type 2-4 full sinking line. Fishing olive or dark Twin Lakes Specials with a small mayfly trailer is the way to go.

On windy days make sure to cast towards the shore and let your bugs fall off any shelf or drop off. The Twin Lakes have the tall summer weed beds but still produce fish in the channels. Fish a floating line and let your bugs sink a foot or two. Callibaetis are still hatching early to mid morning.


NYMPHS- Callibaetis nymphs/emergers, Pheasant Tails #14-16. Zebra midges and the like #18 - 20.

DRY FLIES- Calibaetis duns, emergers, cripples, Adams, # 14 -16. Griffiths, Black Gnats, Midge and Mosquito patterns in#18-#22. Black Ants #16-#18.

STREAMERS- Sink tip or Full Sink Intermediate lines in Twins and Mamie, Type 3+ on George and Mary tugging Black or Olive Woolly Buggers, Doc's Twin Lakes Specials or Small Trout imitations as lead bug then 18-24 in.dropper with Callibaetis nymph, small midge. Also smaller leach patterns, Matukas, Hornbergs.

Guides Hint: Where you fish is very important to your success. Look for drop offs or rapid changes in depth (where trout can lie in ambush), weed edges, other anglers on fish or rise forms to find the fish. Once you are on them, try to figure out their feeding habits and match those with the above techniques.

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