Oil Spill Fishing Closure Area Expanded Again off Orange County in Southern California

Photo Credit: Courtesy of CDFW

by California Department of Fish & Wildlife

The area closed to fishing due to the oil spill off Orange County in Southern California has been revised based on new oil trajectories and projections. Please click on the thumbnail of the Fishery Closure Declaration Amendment (LEFT) for the latest map and information. The updated information will also be available soon at the link below.
In consultation with the Office of Environmental Health Hazard, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife has revised the geographic boundaries of the closure as stated below. The boundaries of the existing fishing and shellfish harvesting closure now fall between the following points:
  • Point A (West Jetty of Anaheim Bay; 33° 44.250’ N, 118° 06.000' W) to;
  • Point B (offshore; 33° 38.000’ N, 118° 10.000’ W) to;
  • Point C (offshore; 33° 11.000’ N, 117° 54.500' W) to;
  • Point D (offshore; 33° 11.000’ N, 117° 44.750' W) to;
  • Point E (near the southern border of San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant; 33°21.750’ N, 117° 32.250' W)
This includes the coastal areas along the boundary, including shorelines; all bays and harbors extending from the boundary in an inland direction; and offshore areas enclosed by the boundary. This includes fishing from shorelines and boats.
OEHHA also advises that fishing be avoided in areas where there is visible sheen on the water.

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