Virginia Lakes Weekly Fishing Report

Virginia Lakes - Bridgeport, CA (Mono County)

Mark Balloid Crestline 3lb12 tag 390 crappy jig 6-25 Little V

by Carolyn Webb

Starting temperature was warmer this week but cooled down by Thursday. fishing has been great, with a lot of small rainbows and BFEF trophy's being caught daily.

County Enhancement Trophy Trout program hit Thursday, both Big and Little Virginia's

BAIT:. Worms, worms, worms and more worms with a bunch of power worms, powerbait, micetails and pinched crawlers.

LURES:. Red/gold Buoyant, Yellow/red dot Panther Martin, silver/blue Kastmaster, black yellow dots Panther Martin, Silver Super Duper 501, O gold Mepps, bleeding frog Buoyant and Taz Devil.

FLY AND BUBBLE: Green body mosquitoes the number one fly for over a week, prince nymph, black gnat parachute, Griffith's Gnat, Adams female, grey hackle yellow, and grey hackle peacock.

FLY RODS: Streamers, dark and blue adult damsels , hoppers, prince nymph, and emergers. Great hatches the last few days, dark mayflies (duns), blue damsels, with Thursday's midges overwhelming the area. June bugs are out and hissing. Also try the X-Caddis without a dropper, even some flash tri-color buggers, and crystal flashes. Bring it all, close your eyes and pick something. Tie it on and you'll probably do well. You will not have a problem catching, although it may be small, it's a trout, and it's a heck of a lot of fun.

BACKCOUNTRY: Not much news this week and can only go by what I saw on two of the lakes and that was lots of rising fish so a good hatch must have occurred up canyon.

NOTE: If the trout bleeds don’t throw it back into the lake, it will die and IT ATTRACKS BEARS. If you care about the resource please be careful when releasing fish back into the water.

Virginia Lakes Resort is located near the top of Conway Summit between Mono Lake and Bridgeport, CA. We have everything you need to enjoy the Eastern Sierra. Check out our WEBSITE.

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