Virginia Lake Fish Report

Virginia Lakes - Bridgeport, CA (Mono County)

by Carolyn Webb

Does anyone know when summer is supposed to arrive, it seems as though it has passed us up as we are still in the winter moder at the upper elevations (9000 feet plus). Afternoon thunderstorms have plagued the area for 11 straight days, and just when we thought it was clearing up, it hits again. Rain, snow, snow flurries, and cold temperatures, but it didn't stop a lot of anglers as our parking lot has been full most of the weekend. Anglers were lined up along the banks as were floatubers braving the 48 degree water and most of them did very well.

Two nice Alpers came out one by Kevin Wheeler of Santa Ana on a Mepps Spinner at 2lb 15 oz on the 4th, and Richard Paddison of Anaheim caught a 3lb 7oz on a pink power worm on the 6th.

Lures hitting this week have been gold/red Bouyant, blue/silver Bouyant, Crocodiles, Super Duper 502 Gold, orange Cripple, and small Mepps.

Flies getting hit are Olive Matukas, Black/Olive Wooly buggers, Dark Brown Wooly buggers, black EC Emergers, and the occasional BH prince and 20 Incher.

Worms have consistently shown up on the menu, along with meal worms, pink power worms, garlic Power Bait, rainbow glitter power bait, salmon eggs with a touch of power bait for movement.

Backcountry lakes are doing fair on worms, and small spinners and the trails still have snow on them, but they are clearing and easy to hike on in the snow. Bring good footwear, warm and sturdy.

Trumbull Campground has not opened as of this writing, but both the lower 139 creek campgrounds are opening. Lakes are all ice free and have been since mid to late May. Lack of winter snowpack for the 3rd year in a row.

The State is trying to close Mono Lake Visitor Center and Bodie State Park due to budget crisis so please contact your local state representative and complain. These are major California tourist attractions in Mono County.

Virginia Lakes Resort is located near the top of Conway Summit between Mono Lake and Bridgeport, CA. We have everything you need to enjoy the Eastern Sierra. Check out our WEBSITE.

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