Virginia Lakes Fish Report

Virginia Lakes - Bridgeport, CA (Mono County)

by Carolyn Webb

On Saturday, Big Virginia saw some die hard ice fishermen very early with the worst possible conditions you could imagine. Wind with blowing snow and a 4" fall after about 3 hours of it. Loads of fish were caught, nothing large as the lake was frozen when DFG planted the brood stock last November 16th. This year, hopefully, it will be open and we'll give 'em a call to get some of those rod-bending mobytrout into the lake. There were 37 anglers at 9am on Big Virginia and none on Little Virginia although there were 2 holes on the far side of the lake. I walked all over and talked to everyone and a combination of yellow power bait, worms, jigs and a homemade concontion of "goldfish" munchies dabbed with a bit of power bait were pulling up the hungry rainbows and brookies. Didn't see any browns so guess it's not their choice of menu. Buffet will start in about 2 plus weeks, as the ice is only 36" thick on Big and about 24 to 28" thick on Little Virginia. LA County Lawyer Steve Olivas and family were on Little during the ice/snow storm from 5am until around 8am and caught a lot of fish but said the conditions were terrible and they froze their "everythings" off.

Sunday was a much better day for fishing and Big Virginia saw about 23 anglers pulling in limits on same bait as Saturday, and about 18 anglers on Little Virginia with plenty of kids and dogs playing and catching fish, that is kids playing with dogs and anglers catching fish. Ice will not be long lived on Little Virginia, so be sure to check with someone prior to going out on the lakes especially if the warmer temperatures return.

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