Virginia Lakes Weekly Report

Virginia Lakes - Bridgeport, CA (Mono County)

Douglas Heatley Fontana 8lb6 Dick Nite Lure 9 30 Big V
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Virginia Lakes Resort

by Carolyn Webb

Temperature fluctuated all last week between 35 and 44 degrees, but the days are in the low 60's and that is very warm for this time of year but it changed mid-week and turned cold and windy with clouds moving overhead very fast. The rest of the week is to remain clear, sunny, without haze. 

Tuesday:  At 9727 feet the aspens are blown off, and the color increases as you drop to 8000 foot elevation where aspens are turning yellow with some gold and a few into rust. Rest of the week continued to change color and Saturday had a lot of leaves blown off from yesterday's breeze along the Virginia lakes road.


WE are closing the 11th. Lower 139 is open.


The report below is normal, but not many anglers in the backcountry for a good report. Loads of hikers stretching their legs. Fly report is sporadic but results will be good if you persist.

BAIT: Crawlers, red power-worms. Yellow garlic glitter, chartreuse garlic glitter powerbait are catching a lot of trophy's. Hoppers HAVE NOT moved up the elevation scale and the baby boy hopper is everywhere but not up here yet. Good for fly anglers. The only thing that's bringing up the hawgs from the depths is inflated crawlers.

LURES: Red/gold and rainbow Buoyant's small size, Panther martins #4 black, Kastmasters silver and gold, bleeding frog, Super Duper's, Tasmanian Devils, Lip Ripperz, the new Hot Fire Wobblers and Rapalas. Bring along all your older lures they still work.

FLY AND BUBBLE: Action has been very slow as most people are using lures and bait. Flies to try are small Griffith's Gnats, Black elk hair caddis, small black foam ant or a furry ant, Zug Bug, Grey Hackle Yellow and trim the tail even with the bend of the hook and Black Gnat white parachute. Best dry fly for the week is the Black Gnat red tail and black leech.

FLY RODS: Bring more midges and nymphs - all stages. With a change in temperature again you can go to all nymphs under streamers or dry flies when there's a chop on the water either as the sun warms the water surface or as the sun starts it's afternoon drop. Try the dirty Doc, small midges, Griffith's Gnat Dries would be black elk hair caddis, size 16 to 18 mosquitoes, small foam ants (byo). Normal rigs are set up with a streamer and midge dropper under a full sink line, but if you have a better method use it.

BACKCOUNTRY: No reports from anglers, just a lot of hikers in groups. Bubble and fly would be your best shot or standard small lures, Panther Martin, Super Duper's, Hot Shots if you have one or can find one. smaller darker and stay at 2lb leader with your bubble. Some fish are coming up on worms, small lures and small midges. I urge everyone to be careful with your catch if you do NOT intend to eat them especially with the current problems in our local hatcheries as stocking has been less than minimal. Hoover Wilderness was closed on the 9th to reopen on the 15th due to extreme fire danger and no crew for the area as everyone is fighting fire elsewhere.

Virginia Lakes Resort is located near the top of Conway Summit between Mono Lake and Bridgeport, CA. We have everything you need to enjoy the Eastern Sierra. Check out our WEBSITE.

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