Mainly Smoke, and Good Fishing on The Truckee River

Truckee River

Brown Trout, Brown Trout, Brown Trout, Brown Trout
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Gilligan's Guide Service

by Matt Koles
(775) 351-6665

Mainly smoke, and good fishing on the Truckee River.

If you can deal with the smoke from all the wildfires, well, fishing is really good. Some days it’s bad, some it’s ok. Smoke is essentially cloud cover and is good for fishing. Not good for the lungs, or for anyone in danger. Can’t imagine being in harms way, though Hirschdale almost burned back in ‘01. Thankfully, the fire burnt East, and they also didn’t have to back burn the hillside here, or Hirschdale would look a lot different today. It was close. We have our bags packed just in case. Every day the wind blows you hold your breath. Someone please bring us some rain soon.

Yeah, so mainly smoke filled skies and great fishing. Cool to cold in the mornings now, and warm in the afternoons. Flows have remained pretty solid so far. They can drop pretty hard right around now. Not the case this year.

We getting into fall fishing on the Truckee River. One of the best times. Water temps have cooled and the trouts, all trouts are active again, and feeding up for winter. Little different in Nevada, those trouts feel it a bit later than the CA side ones. Anyways, start looking for them big brown trouts. I get more in the spring, but fall ain’t too shabby for poking a bear. Winter is best really. Still a lot of crayfish out. Those crayfish have babies, and well, might want to fish some baby dads on the tight line rig. Good news, the streamer fishing will get respectable, and that’s what kinda excites me about fall.

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