Upper Owens Fish Report

Owens River - CA

by Tom Loe

The fall run fish migrating up from Crowley are here. You will see a combination of both numbers and larger fish in the sections above the Benton Bridge, and area located below the fishing monument. There is a closed section downstream from the bridge to the monument.

I like to use the "dip and strip" this time of year for the larger rainbows and browns holding under the cuts and in the deeper pools this time of year. It is not to say that you can't get grabs from the bigs while nymphing (check out the pic of a nice bow fooled, and provided by Robert O on a #20 crystal zebra). The BWO, blue winged olive- (baetis mayfly) hatch is the highlight of the day this time of year and you will see aggressive surface activity especially on the cloudy or overcast days this time of year. Short but sweet; this emergence is worth the trip alone to this area.

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