McGee miracle is in full swing!

Crowley Lake - Mammoth Lakes, CA (Mono County)

Lahontan Cutthroat
Photo Credit: Jim Elias

by Jim Elias

Water is fairly clear. Temps are in the low 60s on the bottom, 70's on the surface. The lake is full to the brim right now. 

Rod Size:  #4-#6 Weights

Tippet Size: 3-5X  

Dries: Not Yet

Nymphs: Black Zebra #18, Shaft Emerger Small, Large Albino Baron #16, Black/Red Zebra #16-18, Copper Tiger #16, "FMF" (Fat Mans Favorite otherwise known as the copper clown) #16-18, Rasta Midge #16

Streamers: Punk Perch, Generic Perch Patterns, Red/Black Leeches, Ultimate Damsel, Maribou Damsels


Special Regs are in effect on Crowley Lake as of August 1st.

Barbless, no bait 2 fish 18" and over through Nov 15th. 

Don't forget to pinch your barbs!

I've been fishing out fairly deep but I was in the channel a few days ago in about 10ft of water with good results, but it gets a little crowded in there fast. Otherwise I've been seeing fish from the weedline out, starting in about 18ft of water all the way out to almost 30ft. I've got a couple of methods for fishing the deeper stuff which I'll only divulge to people taking trips with me at this point. 

The Callibaetis have been waning, and the hatches overall have been nothing fantastic. I struggled to even find a midge flying around today! I pumped a fish and found small black/gray midges inside and shockingly no larva... Bottom line is before 10am, red is the way to go and very close to the bottom. After that I've been switching to small black bugs a little further off the bottom. Mix of quality rainbows and cutthroat and a lot of small cutthroat out deep, along with those older brown plants with no fins.

I went exploring the last few days I've been out there, looking for alternatives to the McGee crowds. I did find some fish up in the Owens Channel, but it's incredibly weedy up there save for the channel itself, with only a few fish to show for it. There are some fish in Little Hilton right outside the channel. Starting to see some fish back in Crooked, but mostly smaller stockers. Nothing really mindblowing outside of McGee for now... 

I have plenty of openings for the rest of August, come get it while it's good!

Fish Mammoth Guides Services is located in Mammoth Lakes, CA (Mono County). Fishing Guide, Jim Elias, can take you fishing on Crowley Lake, Upper Owens, Lower Owens and East Walker River. To book your guided fishing trip with Jim Elias please all him at (760) 582-2195 and for more information please visit his WEBSITE..

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