We Are Getting Close!

Lake Sabrina - Bishop, CA (Inyo County)

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Lake Sabrina Boat Landing Staff

by Lake Sabrina Boat Landing Staff

We’re getting close – temps are expected to be on the rise and it looks like no snow in the forecast for the week – but a very slight chance of rain and thunderboomers over the next few days. Southern California Edison shut down the outflow on the Lake and just like that the Lake began to fill. The reason we were drawn down was not that it started snowing in May, rather they needed to work on the South Lake side and needed the flows in the creeks up to meet water demands in the Valley. The run-off is just about to take off – you can see DingleBerry Creek starting to pick up.  Soon we should have 7-8 inlets in the back bringing water to the Lake.
With the manmade part of the Lake starting to fill, we had several float tubers down in the water in front of the dam. Fishing is still on the tough side – thinking it might be due to the storm systems that keep coming thru. Department of Fish and Wildlife is still not able to get down to the Lake to stock due to snow.
If you plan to park down in the Lake bottom, please be courteous and park out of the way – don’t park behind people you don’t know – leave them a way out – don’t park in the middle of the road – someone may want to get out or in – pull off to the side of the road and most of all – PICK UP YOUR TRASH!!!
The maintenance scheduled for Saturday to replace the power pole that was knocked over in the wind a couple of weeks ago was not performed as the helicopter was not able to make it over the Sierra due to inclement weather on the west side. The pole replacement will be rescheduled.
Got the first boat on the Lake – took it all the way to the back natural Lake with the side by side – twas a bit of an ordeal – fun afternoon shenanigans.
With the continued snow, many of the trails are still covered in snow, but there are also some areas that the snow has melted making for a wet trail.  Also, with all the new snow, Spring avalanches are a bit of a concern. Please check the weather report prior to heading into the backcountry for an overnighter or two. Might want to hike with a buddy. Put a note in your car about where you were headed and when you think you’ll return.a

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