Eastern Sierra Fishing Report

by Doug Busey

Hello fellow anglers, Not really the right weather to go fishing recently. But us die hards will get out there no matter what. Before we get to some reports, I would like to put a few rumors and report to rest. In a recent website posting, it was told that if you fish on topaz lake in a boat, you can use either a CA or a NV fishing license. But, if you are on the California shore at Topaz Lake, a California fishing license is required. This is false, It is to my understanding that while fishing on any bi-state waters ( lakes ). Such as Lake Tahoe and Topaz lake. Either license will be honored on theses waters. This was also backed up by talking to representatives of both agencies of fish and game. Some may have seen a recent report dated January 31 about Blue lakes in Alpine County. It stated that the fishing was fair and anglers were catching 16 to 18 trout with Powerbait or night crawlers. Most of the local anglers know, this is a false. But there are anglers that venture from out of the area to our local waters to fish. This also is a false statement. Blue lakes road has been closed for the winter season since December 3rd. The only way into the lake is by snow machine and then you would find a frozen lake under 10 plus feet of snow. I try in every report to give the facts and straight up reporting. Some are not so favorable. I would rather give you the true facts, then to have you waste your only day off to go some where and find out the fishing really sucks, or that the entrance is not passable. But then again, one day may be hot and the next questionable. That's why it is called fishing, and not catching.You will always get an honest report from the Naw.

CAPLES LAKE; With our recent storms, I think it is time to wait for spring thaw to fishing. Last report was over 3 feet of ice and then it had 6 feet of snow. By now I would say 8-10 feet of snow.

RED LAKE;  I talked with Victor form the Tahoe Fly Fishing Outfitters. One of his guides maned Steve ventured up a few weeks back. It took him over an hour to shovel enough snow to get to the lake and then after 3 plus feet of ice. They decided that a 10 to 15 inch fish was just not worth it. At that time the lake had 6 feet of snow on it. That  was before the last snow storm.

INDIAN CREEK RESERVOIR;  The lake had thawed out  and the fishing was fair for shore anglers using green or salmon peach Powerbait or Inflated night crawlers. The dirt road off Diamond Valley is open, but advise extreme caution. With our recent rain and snow falls, the road can become very muddy and slippery. The paved road from highway 89 is some times closed due to weather. reason is because there are sections that will not see the sun until spring time, snow and ice can hide in those areas. And the road is not plowed by Alpine County or Cal/Trans.

TOPAZ LAKE; Not many anglers venturing out due to weather. The lake has risen considerably over the last couple weeks. NDOW planted the lake with over 4000 lbs of rainbow trout recently. Shore anglers have been having the best luck with Green Powerbait or inflated night crawlers. A few weeks ago while I was at work, my fishing partner Tom Blotter from Minden NV sent me a photo of a nice 3 .5 lb tagged rainbow he caught off the shore. The derby results have been coming in a little slower due to this recent weather we are having. Week 5 results are, Bob Brister from Topaz Ranch estates took 1st place with a 9 lb 408 oz  26 inch rainbow. 2nd place went to Jackie Davis with a 7 lb 6.3 oz 27 inch rainbow. As of tow week ago there had been 116 trout weighed in 2 lbs and larger. For more information call the Topaz Lodge at 775-266-3337.

MASON VALLEY WILDLIFE AREA; Located of highway alt 95 between Wabuska and Yerington NV. The area opened to fishing on the second Saturday of February, which was last weekend. Check your regulations to see special rules for each area to fish. The only areas open are Hinkson Slough, Crappie Pond, Bass Pond, North Pond, Walker River and the Cooling ponds. Hinkson was recently planted with rainbow and brown trout, while North Pond and the Cooling Ponds were planted with rainbow trout. Don't forget to check out the fish hatchery while you are there. They have many strains of trout for your viewing pleasure.

Good luck on your next fishing adventure. If you have a question or a report in our local fishing area, call the Naw line at 775-267-9722. If you have a photo of your catch, send it to nevada@fishreports.com. Hope to see you on the waters. Good fishin' and tight lines.

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