Crowley Lake Fish Report

Crowley Lake - Mammoth Lakes, CA (Mono County)

by The Trout Fitter Staff
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Water Conditions:
Water is still very hot everywhere in the lake, as in over 70 degress on the bottom except in McGee Bay, Crooked Creek and the mouth of the Owens, which you can't get to by boat.
McGee Bay has some near perfect 58 degree water inside against the weedline and more big fish are showing up daily. The underwater stream channel has disappreared (silted out) so there is no concentration of colder water following the old channel out into the bay. The cold water goes about 100 feet from the mouth in what's left20of the channel and then just dissipates over the entire bay wih no real concentration.

Fishing Conditions and Hatches:
For McGee fishing has turned wide open for the last two days at least inside along the weed line. 'Haven't had time to look outside much as the average soak time from cast to grab is less than a minute for a full two-three hour bite with steady, less-than-three-minutes between grabs coming and going on and off the bite for an hour on either end. Perch fry slashing on the surface from first light but very few people are stripping from tubes?????? I've managed a few stripping from the boat with the smallest Punk Perch but not consistant. 'Need to get in the tube with an intermediate line and cruise between the single stocks of weeds. Not-so-scenic Crooked Creek is also producing but=2 0expect other boats and incessant yaking echoing between the rock walls. Read the fine print under the title on the cover of Fly Fisherman magazine . . . "The quiet sport." . . . I wish.

Recommended Flies:
Dubbed-head gray/black Optimidges in size 16 has ruled from 7 am until 9 then get that little size 18 dubbed-head Olive Optimidge for the rest of the morning and get ready to have your mettle tested as the bigger fish show up for the feed. If you see any calibaetis on the surface or it slows down at any time, go to a Jensen's Calibaetis. The fry are getting to the smallest Punk Perch and soon, Perfection Perch size, and don't forget the Stillwater Hare if you want to strip just over the weeds on the bottom. The colder water has the 17 inch fish screaming aroun d with vapor trail ribbons following the line as it cuts through the water. When you get the 20+ inch fish on, it is backing time. Clients who aren't bringing their "A" game are getting hooks straightened out or broken off routinely. I know reels have handles on them but you don't need to keep your hand on the handle if you aren't cranking, that is unless you like the sound of "bink, oooooh nooooo. . . how big do you think he was?" -k

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Guides Hint: Bigger fish have learned more ways to get off. Be ready for jumps the second the indcator goes under, followed by lunges, direction reversals, runs into the backing and body flops way out there. Oh yeah, the final tune . . . here we go round the anchor rope! Crowley, An Underwater Perspective is still available on DVD. . .Click Here

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