Lee Vinning Creek Fish Report

Lee Vining Creek - Lee Vining, CA (Mono County)

by The Trout Fitter Staff
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The Fish Report - July 24, 2008


Water Conditions:
Water flow has dropped to 51 c.f.s above 395 and 51 c.f.s. below 395 as of 7/22/08 so if your'e going to fish it now's the time,before the flows get to low.

Fishing Conditions and Hatches:
Lee Vining Creek has different characteristics in different sections. From the power plant in the lower canyon down to Mono Lake it is pretty overgrown and access can be tight in most places. It is fished best with a lighter weight and shorter rod. If you can endure some bushwacking and losing some flys, you can be rewarded with a fun day. In these tight situations try swinging your flies through the deeper/slower holes.The big meadow at the bottom of the grade is much more open but the water is crystal clear and the fish very spooky,try the upper end at the bottom of the campground with attractor nymphs for the stockers. There is easier access in the meadow near the campgrounds and up higher above Ellery Lake.Also try the diversion pond behind the old forest service compound,midges early and late,scuds and water beetles midday.Above Ellery, afternoons have been best with good mayfly hatches,including brown drakes that are over an inch long.

Recommended Flies:
-Dries- #14-18 Elk Hair Caddis, #14 Yellow Stimulator, #14 Yellow Humpy, #14 Royal Wulff, #14-16 Parachute Adams,#8 spinners(good luck)#18 pmd hackle stackers
-Nymphs- #14-18 PT's, #14-18 Hare's Ears, #16-18 Olive Micro Mayfly, # 18 Zebra Midges,#16-18 Beck's sulpher emergers #14-20 Prince nymphs ,#12 brown Bird's Nest.

Guides Hint: There are no trout let alone yellowtail, yellowfin or bonefish in the Mono Lake/ Lee Vinning Delta…don't believe the hype. There are a lot of seagulls and brine shrimp, however.

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