Pretty Close to Wide Open on Some Days!

Crowley Lake - Mammoth Lakes, CA (Mono County)

“Midges mixed with daphnia pulled from a large Crowley Lake trout.”

by Tom Loe

Pretty close to wide open on some days if you get your float tube or boat located in the right spot. Depth and the right fly patterns are also important here, especially in the deeper water. Matching the food can mean the difference between steady hookups and a fish here and there.  Fish are scattered and concentrated throughout the bay with larger concentrations of fish in certain areas. Main target areas have been the weed beds, weed edges, weed/mud transitions, and creek channel and channel flats. Lots of pressure in shallow water will shut off the bite at times and searching out deeper water is a better choice. This is big fish time here and they are chowing down on callibaetis, damselflies, and midges. Find the fish and what they are feeding on and you can get into all day action. Good patterns have been our #16 Level Crystal Leech,#16 Parallel Assassin Light and Dark, #16 Parallel Punk Perch,  #18 Crystal Tiger Midge,  and Zebra Midge.

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