Look for the Fishing to Continue to get Better!

Silver Lake - June Lake, CA (Mono County)

Cheryl Shiohama of Torrance brought in this gorgeous 4 pound 2 oz Rainbow caught fishing from a boat on Silver Lake using a Garlic Pinch Worm

by Andrew Jones

It was an absolutely beautiful week here at Silver Lake and the catching side of fishing has been picking up as well.  We got a little warm this past week, hitting the mid 70’s; which I know is not hot for some but is warm for us, and then we got hit with some serious winds this past weekend.  The forecast however, is looking good for the coming week as schools start to get out for the year which means Summer is here!!!!!

Look for the fishing to continue to get better as the weather continues to warm that cold water and the fish become more active and begin to feed on a more consistent basis.  Fishing has been relatively steady this week with some really nice size Rainbows weighing between 2 and 4 pounds coming in on a daily basis all week.  Anglers have been seeing some great action using a Good Old Fashioned Night Crawler both at the top of the water and down deep, as well as all types of Berkley Baits with GARLIC in it.  Mice Tails have also seen some really good results as well.  Thomas Buoyant in a Gold / Red pattern have also seen some nice results both tossing from the shore and fishing from a boat.  If your a fly guy, try using an Olive Matuka or a Rainbow Hornberg pulling it behind your boat or try using some dry flies like a Sierra Bright Dot or an Elk’s Hare Caddis.

As Summer begins over the next few weeks look for the catching side of fishing to pick up and continue to improve.  With this in mind, always remember that catching isn’t always easy but fishing is always enjoyable.  Do your research on what has been working in the areas you want to go fishing and prepare to do some work not only in your preparation, but also once you get to your fishing spot.  How and when and where you put your line into the water will all determine how successful you will be in catching some trout.  Using smaller baits, lures or flies will sometimes help you in our local waters.  Remember, these aren’t always giant fish and a big splash in the water can tend to scare the trout away.  Be patient and most important – Have fun!!!

This coming Saturday, June 16th will be our Annual Rush Creek Clean Up and BBQ.  Come on out Saturday Morning at 9am and help us to keep the waterways around Silver Lake, Rush Creek and Grant Lake pristine and safe for all who come visit.  After a few hours of picking up trash, fishing line and whatever else we can find laying around, we will be providing a BBQ of Hotdogs, chips and drinks for all who helped in the Clean Up.  If you can’t make it Saturday, maybe the next time you are in the area fishing or enjoying the summer, stop and pick up a piece of trash you see laying on the ground.  Every little piece picked up will help us to keep our beautiful Eastern Sierra Beautiful and we appreciate the help and care.

The Silver Lake Resort is a full service resort in June Lake, CA. We offer accommodations for fisherman throughout the trout season. We have cabins for all size groups, an RV park, a Cafe with fabulous food and a general store to meet your needs. If you would like to book a trip to Silver Lake call them at (760) 648-7525. For more information check out their WEBSITE.

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