Good Rock Slide on to the Road!

Lake Sabrina - Bishop, CA (Inyo County)

by Rick, Patti, Juanita and Jerrod

It was another typical Spring weekend at the Lake – breezy, sunny, cloudy, rainy and a bit of hail thrown into the mix. Looks like a few more days of possible ThunderBoomers and showers and then some awesome weather on tap (unless Mother throws us a curve ball). With the temp changes and moisture, we had a good rock slide just above the North Lake road and Hwy 168. It put quite the divot in the downward side of the road and broke apart a huge boulder. I’m sure it woke some of the Sabrina Camp campers and they were wondering what was heading their way!
Catching was a bit spotty on the Lake – some people couldn’t keep the fish off their hooks, while others had a bit of a tough time getting them to even look at their hooks and they were all using the same things - NightCrawler, PowerBait, Salmon Eggs, Jigs, and Thomas Buoyants. DingleBerry Inlet is still one of the hot spots along with the area in front of the Dam by the outlet. Got another load of DFW fish on Wednesday and there were those that couldn’t even wait for the stock truck to leave the launch ramp before fishing in the ‘trout pond’.
It was a team effort bringing in the 3-1/2 pound Rainbow with a NeedleFish – the Team Players were Kendyl, Josh and Conner Jenkens and James Robles – great job. Sam Sung used a Mice Tail to land his dinner – a nice 2-1/4 pounder.
Just an FYI – all fisherpeople need to have their own stringers and up to five fish per stringer. 
The Eagles continue to entertain fisherpeople all over the Lake. Not sure where the Wrens went during the cooler weather, but they’re back and are continuing to add sticks to their nest.
The Skeeter population is ramping up again! Plan accordingly!
Like I said, a few more days of unsettled weather, then clear skies in the forecast. Temps look to be on the upswing on Wednesday to the lower 60’s for highs and mid 30s for lows with a slight chance of some ThunderBoomers. Thursday looks to be a bit cooler and breezy with highs in the mid 50s and lows in the low 30s, then temps are in the low to high 60s thru the weekend and lows are in the mid to low 40s. You can check out the forecast for the week (enter Aspendell, CA in the search and scroll down to see the temps).

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