Tough to get on any Fish Here if you Arrive Late to the Party.

McGee Creek - Mammoth Lakes, CA (Mono County)

Martin Loessner came clear from Switzerland to grab a shot at a fat cutty he scored with Tom Loe!

by Tom Loe

The cutthroat are in for sure here, but so are all the anglers. It can be tough to get on any fish here if you arrive late to the party, as there aren’t a lot of big pods throughout the river. Crystal eggs and Level Leeches have been great patterns to get them to bite.  A few fish showing signs of fungus growth already. They appear as white cotton like patches all over the fish’s body. We ususally see this condition on fish that are spawning, but this fungus has been know to wipe out entire fish populations throughout the country in specific waterways.This can be deadly to the fish if their immune systems have been weakened due to the stress of the spawn combined with too much angling pressure. Please take great care when handling these fish and return them to the same area they were caught in. Call us for a shot at some of these beauties before they make their return to the lake.

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