East Fork Walker River Fishing Update

Walker River - East Fork (CA) - Bridgeport, CA (Mono County)

Brian Hoyo (rainbow) and John Lee broke into double digits, and got to dance with some “E Dub” bigs on their trip with Drifters stand out river guide Two Bug Doug Dolan.

by Tom Loe

The levels are really nice right now-currently at 235cfs.  Flows can vacillate frequently throughout the spring/summer as irrigation demands on pastures in Nevada change.  It has been crowded here; but the “catching” remains consistent overall. Look downstream from the Miracle Mile to get less pressured, fresh water. Last falls planted rainbows are amazingly “rotund”, & very healthy. At these release rates, you can find pods of rainbows in the deeper riffles especially during the emergencies. Warmer weather can trigger some solid midge, & mayfly activity. Assassins, Drifters Crawlers, crystal eggs, broken back midges. Tugging streamers like Spruce-A-Bu’s and Loebergs in the larger pools can get a bad Leroy brown to come out and attack.

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