South Lake Opener Update

South Lake - Bishop, CA (Inyo County)

Weir Pond - a little low but full of trout. 4-25-18

by Parchers Resort Gang
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Parchers Resort at South Lake checked in today.

Just a quick update on South Lake in Bishop Creek for the opener. 

The good news...
The county did open the road this week and there is ample parking. Also, the water level is high for this time of year so if the weather holds out and the runoff forecast stays true...we could have the docks out in time for Memorial weekend and all the way through September. 

The bad news...
The ice is dark in a lot of places and doesn’t looks safe. There is water opening up along much of the shoreline but not enough to fish in, just enough to make accessing the ice extremely dangerous. Use EXTREME CAUTION if you fancy to try your luck up there this week. No trout is worth dying for. 

It should also be noted that due to the high lake level, the inlets are all the way in the back of the lake, not in front of the island like it usually is for opener....meaning the hike is twice as far. 

To sum up...the forecast for summer looks absolutely fabulous! But you’re better off chasing trout elsewhere in the canyon for opening weekend.

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