East Walker River Fishing Report

East Walker River (CA) - Bridgeport, CA (Mono County)

by Tom Loe

Flows have just crashed to 40cfs. This is about a third of what they have been for an extended period. This will push the fish into the deeper pools and runs for sure. The warmer weather will get the midges, and blue winged olives popping in good numbers also. #14-18 Assassins, Crystal Eggs, #16-20 chironomid patterns (Copper Tiger, Gillie, Zebra, Blood Midge, and Brassie) have been good patterns to fish below an Under-Cator sufficiently weighted.  Use the attractors during off hatch periods. Some solid midge hatches have been happening late mornings on the high pressure days.  Para-midges are an excellent choice on the EW. Use a hi-vis para BWO as a flag fly on a dry/dry rig to make it easier to fish the tiny midge adult.  The cold water mayfly called the blue winged olive (baetis) is the preferred bug for the trout to snack on during the late winter/early spring. BWO adults emerge after mid-day, & typically come off for 1-2 hours. The trout focus on this hatch, and will stage up in the tail outs of larger pools, and in deeper riffles. They will stick close to the foam lines to snatch the adults as they dry their wings before elevating off the water. Dry/dropper rigs are a good call during this period. FB PT’s, Assassins, and hares ear nymphs are the right profiles for your nymphs. 

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