Middle Owens River Fishing Report

Owens River - Middle - Bishop, CA (Inyo County)

Kim Gerads first fish on the fly is a trophy! High fives Kim! Doug Dolan was her guide.
Photo Credit: Sierra Drifters

by Tom Loe

The “catching” has been on the slow side in most sections. Cooler weather to settle in this week. Small mayflies, midges, & the last generation of caddis are still emerging daily. Hi-vis para mayflies, & caddis adults used as your upper fly; with dropper bead head nymphs like Assassins, flashback PT’s, olive dubbed crystal caddis, & tiger midges can be effective in the deeper tailouts, and brush lined slots. The bulk of the fish are holding in the deeper pits during the cooler periods of the day, so add some weight, & attach an Under-Cator to your nymph rigs to get down to the trout lying in these holes. We have had a consistent run of large rainbows this fall using streamer patterns like Spruce-A-Bu’s, Loebergs, & Seal Buggers. Light sinking tip lines are adequate to get your imitations down to these rascals that are staging up in the tailouts of the larger pools. Numbers have been down on recent drift boat trips due to a lack of fish stocking. Flows have dropped to 75cfs. forcing the trout to migrate into the deeper pools.

This fishery remains open year around. Special regs from the footbridge at Pleasant Valley campground to the fishing monument 4.7 miles downstream.

If you would like to go fly fishing with Sierra Drifters give them a call at (760) 935 4250 and for more information visit their website www.sierradriters.com.