Lake Sabrina Fishing Report

Lake Sabrina - Bishop, CA (Inyo County)

by Rick, Patti, Juanita and Jerrod

A typical Fall week at the Lake. A bit of snow on the Sabrina Basin peaks at the start of the week – then sun came out thru Saturday and then – SNOW AT THE LAKE on Sunday and maybe more today. Quite beautiful I must say, but people, remember to put your chains in your vehicles and USE THEM – two stuck and one was a 25’ motorhome, a couple of accidents and lots of near misses – it doesn’t take much snow on the ground to slip and slide.

Had a 6-3/4 pound Desert Spring Trout Farm rainbow caught on Saturday out in the back by Todd Claborn, a member of the 5B Club using PowerBait. Jeff Kraus of Costa Mesa landed a nice 2 pounder on the tried and true Red and Gold Thomas Buoyant. Local Chris Gaskill caught a 1-3/4 pounder, also, on a Thomas Buoyant. Bryan McBride sent us his picture of a DFW Trophy Trout hooked on a floating NightCrawler drifting.

Patience was the name of the game again this week. Those fishing the Inlets used NightCrawlers, PowerBait, Jigs or Salmon Eggs. Trolling with Flashers (Dave Davis) and a NightCrawler, Red & Gold Thomas Buoyants or just drag a NightCrawler (don’t forget that swivel). Fishing the rock piles with PowerBait, NightCrawlers, or tossing Lures. Drifting thru the channels or anywhere on the Lake – cast out your line – off with the motor and enjoy the views. Shore fishing with NightCrawlers, PowerBait or Salmon Eggs.

This weekend is our final 2015 weekend. We will close Lake Sabrina Boat Landing on October 11th at 1:00pm.

October 9 – 11 is time for the Lone Pine Film Festival – Come on up and see where a lot of your favorite old-time westerns were filmed. So, what does Mama Nature have in store for us this week – well, the weather guessers are saying a bit more snow due in Monday with high temps in the mid 40s and lows in the low 30s. Temps start warming up to where we may be in the low 70s for highs and the low 40s for lows.

Keeping the info below in the report, in case someone missed it . . .

Jarod from Parchers Resort & South Lake Boat Landing posted this item – thought it should be passed on:

- - - Important Announcement - - - CARS ARE BEING TOWED! - - - The US Forest Service HAS CLOSED the South Lake Road near La Hupp picnic area (about a half mile above Parchers) through October 30th to complete a badly needed resurfacing project at the Bishop Pass and South Lake parking lots. This means that all hiker parking for the Bishop Pass trail must be along South Lake Rd BELOW the Parchers Resort entrance for the remainder of the season. There is no overnight parking allowed at Parchers Resort itself or at Rainbow Pack Outfit. The USFS is putting up signage directing folks to access the trail through Parchers Resort / Rainbow Pack Outfit. This will add 1.4 miles to the Bishop Pass Trail but is unavoidable until the project is completed.

There will be limited DAY USE ONLY parking at La Hupp picnic area and a few smaller lots below that area where folks can park for accessing the stream or walking up to Weir Pond. Be advised that all access to Weir Pond this fall will be walk-in only.

Once again we had fisherman throwing away fish - One of our pet peeves is people catching fish, wanting to have their picture taken for the webpage and then trying to give their fish away. If you don’t plan on eating the fish you caught, please plan ahead – bring a camera to record your catches on the Lake, use good catch and release techniques by using barbless hooks (or just crimp down the barbs with pliers), avoid extensive handling, wet your hands, net and other materials that may come into contact with the fish, NEVER TOUCH THE GILLS, keep the fish fully submerged and upright, allowing it to swim away under its own power. If it’s bleeding, you’re having fish for dinner!

Remember to keep your sunscreen and any other Foo-Foo juices off your hands – fish don’t like the taste or smell.

If you’re coming to the Lake, don’t forget sunscreen and dark glasses –that sun is pretty bright against the blue sky and the glare off the water. Also, if you’re prone to allergies, don’t forget your meds! AND DON’T FORGET A JACKET and a PONCHO!

If your hiking with a dog, watch their paws – many ‘city’ dogs are not quite prepared for a long hike on the trail. Still seeing a number of hikers carrying their furry friends down from the backcountry this weekend.

If you’re planning on hiking – PLEASE BE PREPARED – hike with a buddy – leave a note on where you’re headed – when you’re expected back – what you’re wearing – take plenty of water & food – dress in layers – you’ll start out cool, but will probably warm up – CHECK THE WEATHER! Not only is your life on the line, so are the Search and Rescue Teams. Also, if you meet stock on the trail, please go to the low-side, that way if the mules are startled they’ll go to the high side and not down the canyon.

North Lake Campground has closed for the season – waiting on word about Willow Camp and Mt Glen on the South Lake side. As far as we know all other campgrounds in the Bishop Creek Canyon are open. Bishop Creek Lodge, Creekside RV Park, Cardinal Village Resort and Parchers Resort are all open.

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