Crowley Lake Fish Report- Update by Kent Rianda 5-21-09

Crowley Lake - Mammoth Lakes, CA (Mono County)

by The Trout Fitter Staff
(800) 637-6912

Water Conditions: Excellent

Very clear except the north arm, which has some sediment, but not bad.
Get out those bottom thermometers and find the warmest water - they'll be waiting for you.
No weeds yet so nothing to hold fish in one spot except temperature so expect no more than 2-3 days good on any one spot then start looking again.

Fishing Conditions and Hatches:

The fish are starting to concentrate in several places but the timing changes day to day so use the five-minute rule and move on if no grabs and come back later.
Here is my recommended route if you have a boat . . . Little Hilton, in front of McGee parking lot, Sandy Point, north end of Christmas Bay, Leighton Springs near the rocks, Big Hilton on the way in.
Maybe throw in Crooked Creek on weekdays if low crowds.
The first bite has been very early and prolific hatches of chironimids are going off at 6 am. The second bite is more like 10:30 to 11:00. Fish are all in about 12 feet over the lake but if you know how to set up for deep-water nymphing the bigger fish are outside in more like 20-22 feet of water. many places. typical of early season.

Recommended Flies:

Realistic is the key in very very clear water. #16 and #18 Dubbed-head, olive and gary/black Optimizes in the clear water. Maybe the flashback version or #16 Optitiger if the fish are much deeper than 10 ft.

No one stripping much as it has been tough but try about half way down when midge bite starts. The Crowley Cam is now at the Fish Camp and ready for your viewing.

Click here to see live wind conditions on Crowley Cam

Guides Hint: The deep-water nymphing can be done with the break-a-way indicators we have in the shop but we have perfected two other set-ups that make this technique much easier and you are almost unlimited in the depth you can fish. Book a guide trip on Crowley and we will teach you these new methods and all of a sudden the area on the lake you can midge is doubled! Ever see those big fish stuck to the bottom on your fish finder in deep water as you are idling into an area? Now, I hit the brakes and pitch the anchors. The big fish seem to not be even slightly choosy at 20+ feet . . . they chomp it and swim off . . . no drive-bys, all solid takes . . . life is good!

A six DVD set of last summer's 8-hour Crowley University is now available for those who could not attend. This is a reference library you need to add to your arsenal if you fish the lake. It is a de facto download of everything I've learned in more than 2000 days fishing and guiding the lake. It is being distributed to various shops around the state and available at Trout Fly. Free shipping if you order by phone (800) 637-6912. This year's Stillwater Classic will be on Saturday, August 8th this year, so circle your calendar and don't miss it or a chance to help the lake! Note: the Double Haul has been pretty much shelved at least for another year.

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