Zero hatches at Crowley so use larve patterns

Crowley Lake - Mammoth Lakes, CA (Mono County)

by The Trout Fitter Staff
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Water Conditions: The lake is down to about mid-level and continuing to drop. Water temps are getting up there and over ideal 57F about everywhere. Algae is getting worse but still can get down through it with no problem in most places but take your net and pull it up through the water and see if algae is just on top or homogenized all the way to bottom. If latter, move. Daphnia moving so good one day one place then bad the next. Be ready to move too.

Fishing Conditions and Hatches: Fair to Good the "McGee Miracle" has started over and a good number of big fish have started to show up in McGee Bay and Little Hilton but they have now spread out as no stream channel. The bad news is that the low run-off this year has made for the entire McGee stream channel under the lake being clogged with weeds. The fish are as close as they can be in 60F water off the channel in about 12-14 ft of water currently but what happens when that water is 65--70F??? There are still fish at Green Banks, Sandy and Leighton that will tire of the 62-65F water and head around the corner to McGee and Little Hilton soon.

Recommended Flies:

Not enough Calibaetis to bother.

Nymphs: Bead head Red/Black Optimidge #16, , Copper Tiger Small, Blood worms , bright red or Albino Baron early then darker ( Red Baron) later when sun is overhead. Try Ultimate Damsel, purple leech or Jensen's Calibaetisup up top.

Streamers: Get some flash and red in there to be seen in a green world.

Guides Hint: Almost zero hatches so larvae patterns all day will be best choice. Also go for alternative meals . . Damsels, Calibaetis and Leeches up high as the fish are also eating Daphnia and spread out through the water column.

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