The fishing at Lake Crowley has been excellent this fall

Crowley Lake - Mammoth Lakes, CA (Mono County)

by Tom Loe

No boats, no problem! The shore fishing along sections of the lake with steep drop-offs have been providing some great opportunities. Six Bays, the Hiltons, & Crooked Creek are all holding concentrations of fish. Tubers and shore fly fishers are doing well using still water nymphing and streamer tactics. Loebergs, leeches, seal buggers, punk perch, & agent orange streamers are good calls. Use broken back midges, crystal emergers, crystal pupa, zebra and tiger midges below an Under-cator. Fish are in 6-12 feet depending on location. Lake closes 11-15 for the season.

Pictured Above:
Now that's what I'm talk'n about! Awesome fish Justin C. Congrats to you and Doug R. for this incredible brownie!
Photo #1: Jeff W with a gorgeous fall bow that fell to a zebra midge. Great fish Jeff.
Photo #2: Ryan E. nailed this broom tail on Crowley while still water nymphing from one of our fish magnets. High fives Ryan!
Photo #3: Three generations of fly fishers with a triple! Now that's a great picture! Hanso, Chuck, Jeff (left to right) meet the Grotewolds some of my favorite people.

If you would like to go fly fishing with Sierra Drifters give them a call at (760) 935 4250 and for more information visit their website

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