On the Lower Oeens fishing is good. Fish midges early & if it gets cold try Baetis

Owens River - CA

by The Trout Fitter Staff
(800) 637-6912

Water Conditions: Good the flows are at 100cfs as of 12/24.

Fishing Conditions and Hatches: Still good with perfect wading conditions. Fish are biting from 11am until 2pm. Fish Midges early. After that maybe a Baetis hatch for an hour if cold. On overcast rainy days that the temps gets up to 55F the hatches can be prolific but sporadic.

Recommended Flies:

Flashback Pheasant Tail #18-#20, MicroMay #18, Copper Tiger #18, Zebra Midge 18, Tungstensn Black Beauty #18, Birds Nest #16-#18, Crystal Hunchback Baetis #18-#20, Barrs FB BWO #18

DRIES: CDC Baetis Dun #16-#18, Hi Vis Parachute BWO #18, Hatch Matcher BWO #18

STREAMERS: Flahabou Buggers, Docs Twin Lake Special, Pops Bugger Olive, Hornberg

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