The fish in Crowley are ON the perch fry

Crowley Lake - Mammoth Lakes, CA (Mono County)

by The Trout Fitter Staff
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The lake continues to drop but at a slower rate. Water temps on the bottom are getting way, way up there, over ideal 57F about everywhere except in front of tribs. The algae is not a problem in areas holding fish and very clear in many.

Fishing Conditions and Hatches: Excellent hatches remain strong but the Trout are ON the Perch fry in McGee with big slaps everywhere and especially along weed lines. Now is the time to get in the tube and strip and get your arm straightened out. The recent plants in the 13"-14" range have reached McGee which makes for lots of action but tests your reflexes as they grab and spit in about two nanoseconds. Larger fish are mixed in typically up to 20". Fishing is good until about 11:00 am then they are gorged and it slows considerably. The big fish 20"+ move in daily about 11:30 to noon if the wind holds off especially along weed lines The north arm has a good number of fish along Green Banks over the channel and on the far side as well.

Lots of recent plants for the kids in Little Hilton and Crooked Creek. If the wind lays down by 4 pm the evening session can be good as well.

Recommended Flies:

Not enough Calibaetis to bother.

Nymphs: Early go with bright red blood worms or Albino Baron and Copper Tiger Small or Beaded Red/Black Optimidge. By 8 am it is Dubbed-head Black Optimidge w/Green Flashback #16. Try Ultimate Damsel, Jensen's Calibaetis or Perfection Perch as top fly.

Streamers: Perfection Perch, Rickerd's AP Emerger, Small Punk Perch either color.

Guides Hint: Despite seeing big takes on the surface, the fish go right back to the bottom to find the next targets. Get your flies down and strip or troll slowly. You can hang a fry imitation under the indicator and twitch as well.

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