When the wind isn't blowing Hot Creek can be just the ticket, expecially for dry fly fishermen

Hot Creek - Mammoth Lakes, CA (Mono County)

by Tom Loe

Despite low flows HC is still fishing well when the wind is not howling. There is strong caddis activity, but these PHD trout here seem to prefer the small mayflies and midges. The Trico hatch is not everyone's cup O'tea as these tiny rascals are #22 and very difficult to drift. A slightly larger dry fly like a stimulator or caddis as an upper will help you see the area close to your target fly, however it does not fish as well as a solo presentation and will not get as many looks. The new rage is super long 12 foot rods that you can high stick over the weed beds to get a dead drift. What ever it takes! Hoppers are good to use in the afternoon when the wind blows, suspend an olive crystal caddis larva or emerger as the nymph if you get position in a deeper pool or run.

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