Conditions are perfect to fish the Lower Owens, if it weren't for the mid-day sun

Owens River - CA

by Tom Loe

Flows have crashed to 125cfs. I have been torn because Crowley has been so good we have not been drifting or wading here this summer yet. It is still very warm most days in the OV and 100 degree temps can be downright unpleasant during the mid-day sun. Fishing in the early morns and late afternoons will be great right now at this release rate. Caddis and midge activity are strong and you can bank on fish being in the riffles and tail outs of the larger pools. Wading will be gravy at this flow. Use our crystal olive caddis larva patterns, Assassins-I like the light one, broken back zebra midges #16-20 for nymphing this time of year. Elk hair caddis adults #16-18, dark bodies, stimulators #12-16 are great as an upper in a tandem rig or if you see some hoppers or enjoy fishing dry dropper rigs instead of an Under-cator.

There are many small bait fish that thrive along the side channels and slack water on the Lower Owens this time of year as well as damsel fly and dragon fly nymphs which are quite large and can be imitated very well with a Loeberg, punk perch, or damsel nymph patterns. At current flows a moderate sinking tip line will suffice using the "dip & strip" method of fishing streamers from an upstream vantage point in a drift boat or while wading. We are going to have excellent streamer conditions by late August as the weather cools, with good dry fly opportunities as well. I am looking forward to a great season on the LO soon.

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