Crowley is back! Fishing is as good as it gets right now

Crowley Lake - Mammoth Lakes, CA (Mono County)

by Tom Loe

Many fly fishers prefer moving water and the sight of a trout rising to engulf a winged adult. Some may not prefer fishing with nymphs below an Under-cator, however-You really need to fly fish here this summer! Period. It is very, very good. The conditions are excellent with good water clarity. Combine this with the decreasing flow rates on the Lower Owens River and you have a stable lake level providing the template for consistent fishing. The chironomid hatches are fueling the morning feeding frenzy. The bite will slow down after 10 am, however picks up again if the south wind does not blow you out. Some of the best action is well after lunch when you get some texture to the surface from the wind.

McGee Bay, Little Hilton, Layton Springs & the north arm on both sides have been consistent recently. Stay in 9-12 feet-locate a weed free mud bottom, a weed line edge and you will get grabs.

I strongly suggest you have some broken back midges when the surface has texture (wind) they rock! Look at my online fly sales to see what they look like. The patterns wiggle when there is wind. Our tandem still water nymphing rig -set 10 inches off the bottom below your Under-cator; a #18 gillie and a copper or dark tiger midge #16-20. During the hatch "twin" gillies are killing it as well. You will also want to have some smaller punk perch patterns #14-16 and some damsel fly nymph patterns if you wish to troll or cast streamers along the weed lines. Another option for rigging is a #14-16 light or dark punk perch with a birds nest (Assassin) or flashback PT below. This is a good call when fishing along the weed lines as there are many small perch fry and damsel nymphs hanging in these areas.

Special angling regulations for Crowley are now in effect as of 8-1-12. Make sure you pinch those barbs down.

Crowley is back! Pictures are worth many words, and we have a bunch of Crowley pics to share with you. We have great guides with Drifters "fish magnets" open in August to put you on these fish.

Photo #1:Joe-Joe (fish) and Wildman showing that it is a good thing to love them, and leave them so they can get this size! Crowley Lake is the place to be, just ask these guys!
Photo #2:Ian Campbell with one of many he caught recently. "Best fly fishing I have ever had"
Photo #3:Ian with another good one. He has fished Crowley with us for many years and had the best fishing ever.
Photo #4:Robert O with a golly whopper from Crowley!
Photo #5:Jeffery "Wooley" Woolson. Crowley is great for kids, Jeffery spanked them on the fly.
Photo #6:Matt Woessner is a first time fly fisher and now believes in the power of the fly!
Photo #7:Kate Woolson and Doug R at Crowley. Way to go Kate Wooley!
Photo #8:Jim Green had a great day on Crowley and this trophy rainbow was the icing on the cake.
Photo #9:Julie & Two Bug with her awesome Crowley Brown.
Photo #10:Jeff"Wooley" Woolson shows he is the daddy with this great looking brown
Photo #11:Jack Scanlon had a great day on Crowley. I have been guiding this young man since he was five! Nice fish Jacko!
Photo #12:"Tom- Thanks for the Hall of Fame day on Sunday. Crowley is such a love/hate lake and it feels good to be back on the love side again. Over 50 to the net and probably just as many missed opportunities. Out fishing every boat out there 5-1 sure is fun too. I am scouring the schedule to see when I can get back up there, and I am already having dreams about fishing for those pigs when they make their way up the O. Thanks again and hope to see you soon- Wild."

The Wildman. Chris showing one of fifty five we caught on Crowley in late July. Great day Wilds!
Photo #13:Joe-Joe & Wilds with another Crowley slammer. Consistent quality fish right now on the fly.
Photo #14:Greg Beeve and son Matthew got a great fish with Doug R. on Crowley. The fly fishing program we have on Crowley is a great place for father & son fishing experiences.
Photo #15:Keith Roberts "another fine Bako Boy" hit this awesome Crowley silver bullet on a broken back tiger/gillie combo. Great looking fish Keith.
Photo #16:Veteran Drifter David Clemson had a fantastic day on Crowley and agrees that Crowley has come roaring back!

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