We're getting good reports for the Alpine Lakes

Alpine Lakes - CA (Mono County)

by Tom Loe

Good reports coming from most areas. The stocking programs are helping to keep these lakes consistent, more so than the last couple of years for sure. The wind has been a factor previously and you may need to keep an eye out for T-storms in the future as they are in the forecast. Streamers are typically the best way to fish these areas, but you may also have great results using the still water nymphing method near inlets, structure like tree stumps and rock piles, and along drop-offs. Some of the alpine lakes have good populations of callibaetis mayflies so have a selection of flashback PT's, Assassin bird's nest & killa-baetis along. All the alpine lakes have midge populations. They tend to be smaller in size in the higher elevations. The water composition is more neutral than alkaline. Alkaline water is a better enviornment for vegetation/algae- once decayed and on the bottom it becomes the food that the midge larva eat. #18=22 midge patterns are effective below an Under-cator in the more concentrated fish locales. Have a full sinking line for trolling or casting streamers in the deeper alpine lakes. You will need to get down 15 feet quickly. The clear water will have the fish deeper in the summer and bright daylight conditions. Spruce-A-Bu's & Loebergs are my favorites in these lakes. Put a midge or mayfly trailer a couple feet behind the larger streamer when the sun gets down and it glasses off. The fish will begin to come to the surface and you can have some fun when this occurs.

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