Some Incredible fishing on Lake Crowley, Tom Loe appropriately calls in "Epic"

Crowley Lake - Mammoth Lakes, CA (Mono County)

by Tom Loe

I have not used the word epic on Crowley for a long time. I am using it now. I have guided two out of four days here this week in which I have counted 100 grabs in an 8 hour day, with so many 17-22 inch fish coming to net on a broken back copper tiger midge and broken back gillie combo I am losing count! No bull, if you get in a good position in McGee Bay, you will have a sore arm.

There are also good numbers of fish in the north arm near Green Banks, Layton Springs, and Big Hilton Bay. The fish are not the jumbos we are seeing in McGee, however there are very good numbers and steady action when the incredible chironomid hatch goes off. The midge emergence is full bore, with a cloud of them holding overhead by 10am. You can find concentrations of fish in 8-15 feet, just make sure you are on a mud bottom and not over some weeds. Pay attention to wind shifts and current changes as you may need to move your tube or boat to keep over the sweet spots. Some streamer action early, primarily on tiny perch fry and later on with damsel nymphs- these fish are gorging on chironomids #14-18. Use a copper tiger or broken back tiger as the lower fly, put a #18 broken back gillie or standard gillie as the upper. Keep your bugs 6-12 inches off the bottom. Crowley is on this summer, call if we can help you out.

Above Photo: Scott Linkcredible had an EPIC day on Crowley Lake recently with steady action on 20 inch fish all day. This awesome brown hit in the morning.
Photo #1: You will see several pictures of Chris Linkletter on this update. She PUNISHED the bigs in McGee Bay on 7-21-12. I have not used the term epic on Crowley for years, today it was justified.
Photo #2: Chris Linkcredible again. Eat your heart out guys!
Photo #3: I gotta tell ya, Crowley is back. Scott has fished with us many years and said he has never seen the quality of fish that they hit on 7-21-12.
Photo #4: If you have ever wanted to fish Crowley-now is the time to do it. Trust me, it is going off. Chris with another ho-hum 20 plus.
Photo #5: The reigning "lord of the fly" Cary Kutzke hanging on to a leaping rainbow. The trout ninja did 35 to net solo on 7-21-12. Talk about vertical leap!
Photo #6: What goes up, must come down. What a day Kutz, way to go!
Photo #7: Long time Drifter Gary Feskens had a great day on Crowley Lake. His smile and this quality rainbow will tell it all!
Photo #8: Keith Taylor's timing was perfect for his guided trip on Crowley with us. Non-stop action in McGee Bay with many quality browns and rainbows like this one.
Photo #9: Long time Sierra Drifters Robbin & Bob know how good fishing can be in July on the fly. They got a nice double to prove it!

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