Lake Crowley should be about to turn over, when it does fishing should erupt

Crowley Lake - Mammoth Lakes, CA (Mono County)

by Tom Loe

Any day now the lake will complete its turnover and the goo will be a thing of the past for sometime. The warm weather forecast is conducive to wiping out the goo soon. Currently Crowley is as Drifter's guide Fill Therrien describes it "split pea soup and ham". Despite the poor water conditions we are getting into some nice fish daily and it will not be long before this fishery erupts.

Stay outside the weeds 12-16 feet, fish larva patterns near the bottom. McGee Bay, Sandy Pt., Little Hilton and in the North Arm near Big Weed if you can locate the old channel. The chironomids are not emerging in large numbers right now and the lake has pretty much had it's plug pulled, meaning it is dropping rapidly.

The creek channels are filled in with weed so you won't locate the trout near the cooler water of the inlets of McGee and the Upper Owens. The lake did not drop sufficiently enough last year to allow these inlets to gouge out and clear the channels. Stay on the mud! a wide variety of midge larva patterns will get you grabs on Crowley. Crystal flash in the pattern is a good choice. Tiger, zebra, and broken back patterns are good selections. It is always darkest here before the dawn- trust me on this one friends, Crowley will go off big time soon and I hope you are with us to prove it!

Photos Photo #1:Nicholas Lee with a nice brown. Our flats boats are a great way to spend time this summer with your kids and friends
Photo #2:Mario & Wayne hit a nice double on Crowley with us. This is not easy, way to go guys!
Photo #3:Mario, yeah baby! Crowley slab sided rainbow
Photo #4:Kate Rountree and Jerry Gilpin. That is what its all about, way to go Katie!
Photo #5:Liam Ram with a bonefide golly whopper! Crowley is a great place to bring your kids and get them fish on the fly this summer.
Photo #6:Dennis O'Hearn got into some fine browns with us. Crowley is having the best season I have seen in many years for quality brown trout.

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