The Nevada side of the Truckee is the place to fish, and why!

Truckee River

by Matt Koles
(775) 351-6665

Things have got cold up in these parts, morning air temps are hovering in the zero-to low teens here in Hirschdale. Good luck if you're fishing the California side. It just doesn't warm up enough this time of year on the Cali side of the Truckee River for any real consistent fishing. Your best bet this time of year is to fish the Nevada side of the river where air temps and water temps are warmer. The Little Truckee is also good this time of year, it's a tailwater. Think froggy water, that's where most of them fish are at. The frog water is the slower water in the middle, or end of runs. Midges, baetis, worms, and stones will do the trick. December, and January are our two coldest months, but fish can still be had. This is Rachel from yesterday down in the desert.

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