The East Walker can be Great this time of year

Walker River - East Fork (CA) - Bridgeport, CA (Mono County)

by Tom Loe

Flows remain great for the fall season but should begin to fall some in the near future. The EW has been a popular destination lately especially in the miracle mile section immediately below the dam. All methods of fly fishing are proving to get grabs currently but you will get a better shot at a trophy fish staying below the surface using nymphs and streamers. I suggest you use patterns that have some red in them this time of year on the EW; they can incite aggressive behavior with the browns. Perch fry imitations are good choices for streamers.

Our main photo shows "Bad Bad Leroy Brown-Badest Brown in the whole damn town!" Veteran Drifter client Todd Francone and Doug Rodricks show off an exceptional East Walker predator.

If you would like to go fly fishing with Sierra Drifters give them a call at (760) 935 4250 and for more information visit their website

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