If you want to fish the Lower Owens it is best to use a Drift boat

Owens River - CA

by Tom Loe

Flows continue to be very high; however they appear to have settled in just below 600 cfs. Not good news for wading and accessing the LO on foot. There are areas that can be reached in the wild trout section and fishing is actually pretty good in some limited sections, but crossing and positioning can be dangerous and difficult in much of the river at this time. Sorry to report that these high flows will remain for much of the fall and perhaps into early winter this year.

Drifting is the best way to fish the river currently and it has been pretty good using streamer patterns with heavy sinking tip lines. We see some big fish in the fall and early winter from the drift boats and with the mild weather pattern setting in we will see some fine "catching" going on this season.

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