Caddis imitations are the fly of choice at Hot Creek, especially after 10:00 AM

Hot Creek - Mammoth Lakes, CA (Mono County)

by The Trout Fitter Staff
(800) 637-6912

Water Conditions:
Great the flows at 35cfs as of 9/15.

Fishing Conditions and Hatches:
Great go to Midges and Tricos early, but it's mostly the Caddis show down there after 10am.

Recommended Flies:

Parachute Caddis Grey #20
CDC Caddis Emerger #20
Old School Caddis Emerger #20
Brook's Hot Creek Caddis #22
#20 Elk Hair Caddis Tan
CDC Emerger Baetis #20
Tan Grasshoppers
Chernobyl Ants
Taylor's Fat Albert #14

Micracle Nymph #22
Nori's Caddis Pupa Tan #20
Buck Skin Caddis #18-20
Nitro Caddis Tan #20

#12 Bead Head
Doc's Twin Lake Special Black/Brown/Olive

Guides Hint:
Definitely time to switch to some lighter tippet as well with the flows back down finally.

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