East Walker River Fish Report

Walker River - East Fork (CA) - Bridgeport, CA (Mono County)

Photo Credit: ©Chad Woods (May 05, 2017)
All Rights Reserved

by Tom Loe

The EW has looked like Crowley on the opener a few times this fall and it was due to some very good fishing here for sure. The miracle mile was fishing very well for those who got a decent piece of water. The flows have crashed and are currently at winter release rates (19cfs). This does not mean you won't catch fish here; limited habitat puts additional stress on them and greatly limits the areas you will be able to fish. Forty cfs is where we draw the line in the California section.

I have witnessed numerous winters in the last few decades in which we get warmer central Pacific storms (El Niño events) that allow the flows to increase during the dead of winter. This can happen quickly as the Bridgeport watershed has many feeds and is at a lower elevation. The fishing will be awesome and you can bet we will be there and let you know when the EW goes off.

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