Truckee River Fish Report

Truckee River

by Truckee River Outfitters
(775) 853-7368

The cooler weather has significantly improved the fishing. Fall is finally here and the fish are very active. There have been some big brown\\\\\\\'s caught in the past couple of weeks and we are only getting started. This is the time to fish streamers and go for the home run. Flu Shots, Cutter\'s Goblins, Stanley Streamers, bandit leaches and really any big sculpin or muddler pattern is worth a try. Short sink tips or floating lines with heavy tippet of at least 10 pound test is the way to go. October caddis and Tim\'s Dead Drift crayfish fished with a smaller dropper such as a mighty mite baetis or a Burk\'s bottom roller is a great indicator set up. The best sections to fish are from the confluence of the Little Truckee down to the state line in California and from the state line down through and including downtown Reno in Nevada. Flows are; Town of Truckee 14 CFS, Boca Bridge 413 CFS, Farad 435, Mogul 408 CFS and 323 CFS in Reno.