Upper Owens River Fish Report

Owens River - CA

by Tom Loe

The flows have gone up a tad and this is surely a good thing. Water clarity has also improved as the irrigation ditches that flood the pastures are being shut down.

Some Crowley trout that are sick of the algae are beginning to move up into the river and we are seeing some quality fish in the larger pools. Nymphing with flashback PT's, and crystal tigers #16-20 are working very well under a strike detector. The numbers have been very good for the "schoolies" the last couple of trips compared to those in August. You can bank on the streamer fishing to improve as the air gets cooler also. Keep those #6-12 streamer patterns near the undercut banks, or swing them into the slow/deep sections at the tail outs of the larger pools.

Fair action on the surface with caddis or hopper patterns on the less breezy afternoons, can get good if you have some overcast to dampen the shadows. The fish are larger overall around the monument, but more numerous above the confluence of Hot Creek.

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