Upper Owens River Fish Report

Owens River - CA

by Tom Loe

The UO has been a shade or two off color with a fair amount of drifting weed in it the last couple of weeks. This has not prevented a pretty fair bite with some consistent fishing in the mornings. Tiny Trico's, PMD's, small dark bodied caddis, and lot's of grass hoppers are on the trout's menu here. Flashback PT's #16-20, crystal copper tigers #18, Broke back midges #16, are all good choices while nymphing the deeper pools.

On some recent trips we are seeing some larger fish begin to move up from Crowley as well, and have had some LDR's (long distance releases) after a few brief battles with the beasts! Stripping streamers here is also a good choice however; you may have too much weed in the water at times to get a good presentation.

If you would like to go fly fishing with Sierra Drifters give them a call at (760) 935 4250 and for more information visit their website www.sierradriters.com.