Truckee River Fish Report

Truckee River

by Truckee River Outfitters
(775) 853-7368

The flows on the Truckee remain great from Truckee down through Reno. In general the best fishing times are in the morning before it gets hot and then again in the evenings as it cools down. This is the time of year that the crayfish molt and have soft shells in most of our local rivers. Dead drifting crayfish patterns in deeper water can be really effective this time of year. It is really important to use split shot and get your flies right to the bottom. Grasshopper patterns have also been catching some fish as well. A great way to approach the river is to bring two rods or fish with a buddy and fish each run and or hole with a dry hopper pattern and then dredge the same spot with a crayfish pattern. Most of the parks in Nevada are still being stocked at least once a month. Flows are 174 cfs in Truckee, 457 cfs at the Boca Bridge, 508 cfs in Farad, 437 cfs in Mogul and 307 cfs in Reno. Go here for stream flow information