Rock Creek Area Fish Report

Rock Creek - Section 1 - Toms Place, CA (Mono County)

by Tom Loe

Flows are coming down on Rock Creek. The pocket water is still tough to fish, however the meadow sections and big pools have good numbers of small stockers, Alpers rainbows, and some feisty wild browns that are nailing dry dropper rigs (use a #18-20 olive crystal caddis larva) and dries in the shadows. The mosquitoes are savage down here for sure, keep covered in this area. The lake is also fishing well near the inlet and along the south shoreline drop-off from a tube. Pick up some Spruce-A-Bu's and Loebergs and troll them around the ten foot level in these areas. If you get bit, take note where you are by using structure on the shoreline and remain in this area. School fish have a tendency to hold in certain areas for extended periods of time until the conditions change. Don't leave fish to find fish!

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