Crowley Lake Fish Report- Update by Kent Rianda 7-9-09

Crowley Lake - Mammoth Lakes, CA (Mono County)

by The Trout Fitter Staff
(800) 637-6912

Water Conditions: Okay to nasty.

The lake water level continues to rise . . . should be banner year for stripping streamers.
Algae is becoming a problem here and there but moves daily so move if it moves in on you, come back the next day.
The weed beds are growing like crazy and this will be a huge year. Right now the weeds are already 10 feet high in 15 feet of water clear across the north arm starting at Bart\\\'s Bluff. There is almost nowhere on the lake you can fish in less than 15 feet of water that isn\\\'t over massive weeds except in McGee Bay. Fish are in shallows in stream channel now but as they move out into deeper water, pull out those bottom thermometers and find the magic 57!

Fishing Conditions and Hatches: Excellent!

Four Trout Fly guides fished 11 YMCA 12-year-old kids from Silicon Valley area the other day. They were all first timers, as in cranked the reels the wrong way on the first fish, looked at the sky more than their indicators and generally were having a great time. By the end of half day session, they boated half a dozen fish 18 to 22 inches. Since you know which way to crank a fly reel, you can probably do even better! Now is the time! Kent said. McGee Bay right in the old stream channel from 5 to 8ft continues to be the place. It is between good and wide open daily depending on algae and wind. The standard one-year-in-the-lake fish is a full 16 inches and fat. Lots of 19-22\\\" being caught.
Don\\\'t park in the channel but off to the side. Cast into the channel and try to hit the edges. There is a fast current down there despite nothing on the surface which the fish like to use as a food delivery system but don\\\'t want to buck, so fish off the bottom a few feet.
After 8 am, if you are not on the channel, you are fishing in the Sahara.. How can one guy catch 30 and another between zero and one in three hours??? Stay out of the dunes!
Leighton is back on again along Alligator Point and a few bigger fish are showing up. Reports are there are some fish in the north end but can\\\'t tear myself away from the \\\"McGee Miracle\\\". When I have clients in the next few days, I\\\'ll check it out. Little Hilton has some fish but out in 15+ feet of water.

Recommended Flies:

As the algae comes in and out the range of realistic to bright is from size 16 or 18 Baron\\\'s Shaft Emerger to a #16 beadhead red/black Optitiger and even a red/purple if it gets real green. Jensens Calibaetis nymph will usually get em going if it slows on midges. Can\\\'t get a grab when hanging a Damsel despite tons in the air.
The ol\\\' rod-tip jerk to get their attention seems to be working if you get a slow period but it will cost you in fouling the dubbing on the emerger, so clean often. And don\\\'t forget cleaning the tippet and look out for any scuffing (white appearance) above the fly or you might as well have a neon sign flashing \\\"Don\\\'t Eat Here!\\\"
Streamers: The stripping requires Type IV or faster sink for most areas. I\\\'ve had a grab or two twitching Damsels across the weeds in the shallows with clear intermediate before the midge bite gets going in McGee in the AM adjacent to the channel.

The Crowley Cam is now at the Fish Camp and ready for your viewing.
Click here to see live wind conditions on Crowley Cam

Guides Hint:

A six DVD set of last summer\\\'s 8-hour Crowley University is now available for those who could not attend. This is a reference library you need to add to your arsenal if you fish the lake. It is a de facto download of everything I\\\'ve learned in more than 2000 days fishing and guiding the lake. It is being distributed to various shops around the state and available at Trout Fly. Free shipping if you order by phone (800) 637-6912.
This year\\\'s Stillwater Classic will be on Saturday, August 8th this year, so circle your calendar and don\\\'t miss it or a chance to help the lake! See above for link to info, rulesand entry form.
Note: the Double Haul has been pretty much shelved at least for another year.

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