Crowley Lake Fish Report

Crowley Lake - Mammoth Lakes, CA (Mono County)

by Tom Loe

The fishing has really picked up here the last couple of weeks. Mornings have been pretty consistent here for Stillwater nymphing and tubers have been doing well pulling streamers. Areas to concentrate on are Big and Little Hilton, Sometimes Bay, Stormy Flats, Sandy Point, and Leighton Springs. The mouth of McGee Creek and Crooked Creek are worth poking around in too right now. Broke back midges, Bloodworms (midge larva), Copper and Black Tigers, Gillies, and Zebras have all been getting grabs. Fish your imitations from 1-3' off the bottom to get into these scrappy trout. We are starting to see some bigger models coming to the net these days and they're really testing our tackle. Work the 13'-15' depths and hang those chironomids higher than normal when you see emergers on the surface. The algae bloom is starting to make a good showing, so look for clean water and watch the wind direction to determine where it will end up. You can clean your flies every now and then between grabs to ensure a solid presentation to the fish. Now is a great time to bring the family up for a guided trip and learn the secrets of Crowley Lake.

Here's an email from a recent client of Chris Basso: "Met Chris out on Crowley a couple weeks ago we were in float tubes and he was in his boat. We were not catching many fish but he was. He actually took the time to tell us what depth and flies to use when most hardly say hello. My friend John and I been considering going out with a guide for a while to learn how to midge better. Went up to Chris's boat and hired him for the next day. What a great trip we had even though conditions were tough. Would recommend him to anyone who wants to learn. Thanks again. Jim"

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