Truckee River Fish Report

Truckee River

by Truckee River Outfitters
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In California the river is in really good shape from Lake Tahoe to the Boca Bridge. Flows are 232 CFS in Truckee. It is still a little early in the year for any hatches but the nymph fishing has been really good. From the Boca Bridge to the state line the flows are still a little high at 600 to 750 CFS. The fishing has been good but be careful wading out too deep. Try green drake nymphs with a smaller dropper such as a caddis, little yellow stone, or baetis. In Nevada the flows are a little high but the bugs are just starting to hatch, especially east of town. Nymphing with green drakes, golden stones, little yellow stones and bottom rollers all have been working. The fish are near the banks and in seams and slower water. Flows in Nevada are between 500 and 600 CFS. Go here for stream flows