Hot Creek Fish Report

Hot Creek - Mammoth Lakes, CA (Mono County)

by Tom Loe

Yup. Lots of wind lately, but during the calmer periods you should have no problem getting into fish sipping emerging may flies #16-18 and midge adults #20-22 in the channels between the thick weed lines. Some hoppers showing up, as well as the traditional dark bodied caddis #18-20 getting all the attention later in the afternoon.

I like that dubbed olive crystal caddis here as well this time of year # 20, try a gray midge pupa or gillie #20-22 as well for nymphing.

Flows remain pretty low for this time of year but as the snow begins to melt look for HC to get higher and a little off color as Mammoth Creek dumps the snowmelt into the confluence. This will give you an opportunity to fish streamers in the deeper runs and pools. Streamers are high visibility and immune to high water negatives for the most part. #10 punk perch and Spruce-A-Bu's are good chub imitations. This is meat and potatoes to the larger trout in here and a lot of people pass the opportunity to chuck baitfish patterns during this time.

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