Pleasant Valley Reservoir Fish Report

Pleasant Valley Reservoir - Bishop, CA (Inyo County)

by Tom Loe

Fishing remains pretty good overall. The planted fish here are also on the small side, but there have been some Alpers plants to put a few nice fish in the mix. Power generation has not been a factor most days and this has made for ideal conditions around the inlet transition area. Streamers or dry/dropper bead head nymph rigs using crystal tigers or FB PT's #16-18 are good choices under a Stimulator or sofa pillow #12. Walk into the riffle water and the heavy brush and fish the pocket water. You will be surprised at how good and consistent this small section can be. Fish caddis imitations after the mid-day break #16-18 on the surface.

The tubing has also been good if you can find an unoccupied area of bank near the launch ramp or around the inlet sections. Still water nymphing using tigers, zebras, gillies, and crystal emerger's #16-18 are best. Ten feet is a good average depth. Trolling perch fry imitations has also been paying off here along the weed lines on the west side, or in the shadows cast by the canyon walls during the am and pm times.

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