El Nino Storms could create Great Winter Fishing

Truckee River

by Matt Koles
(775) 351-6665

The Truckee River has been very cold, low flows, and massive anchor ice forming. It has not been a good week to fish the river. With the low flows and extremely low air temps this last week, anchor ice has formed on almost it’s entire length. That was the coldest we’ve been since ’13. It was -14 here in the Hirsch. Now it is warming and the anchor ice is melting, (today) and with Thursdays warmish storm, flows should come up some and fishing will be decent again. Like I say, the river should come up this week some, and with a continued parade of storms it should come up big time. El Nino years usually offer good winter time fishing as most of the storms are warm. Just have to watch the flows because the river can get pumping. I don’t think that’s an if, but more like a when. We have some very good winter fishing on the Truckee River when things warm up and flows are good. Stay tuned.

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